Sasha Mobley

What Clients Have to Say

Meeting Sasha felt absolutely serendipitous. During our very first conversation, she recognized limits I was setting for myself and called it out in a way that I really needed to hear at that moment. Her keen intuition enabled her to easily cut through the fog I had been living in for months.

I really cherish the follow up conversation I had with her, as she offered me real, tangible, and actionable steps I could take to bring energy back to the vision I had for myself. The vision I had nearly given up on. Her advice was equally practical and inspired. Sasha’s genuine compassion shows in all that she does and I feel grateful to know her.
— Jenni G., Environmentalist and Change Maker
Sasha’s positivity and natural ability to listen and observe allowed me space to see things in a completely different way. She guided me in many different situations where I was stuck and very frustrated. Her gentle coaxing surprised me over and over, turning a light on that I didn’t even know was there.

Many times I felt physical relief wave over me as I let something I had held so tightly just flow away from me. She is extremely respectful of the sacred nature of trust necessary to be coached.
— Lisa DeWilde — Artist (
Sasha was patient and observant in listening to me talk through dissatisfaction and challenges in my career. She guided me to listen to my own words and made my more aware of how I felt by just really listening to what I was saying and playing it back to me more plainly. She also challenged some of my assumptions about my career, which was little jarring (and necessary) because I had never questioned many of the ideas that brought me to where I was. Sasha gracefully coached me through a tough spot and I’ve made some material changes with her support. I’m very grateful!
— Katie S. Product Manager
Getting coached by Sasha has been really powerful in both my personal and professional lives.

Her ability to quickly zoom into areas I needed to explore more is uncanny. She gave me space to draw my own conclusions and gracefully made observations that continued to allow me to understand and grow in my own thoughts.

The amount of progress I’ve made in such a short amount of time is stunning – she’s one of a kind!
— Rachel G. — Educator and Course Development Expert
Sasha came into my life at a pivotal time and thank God for her…she was the perfect blend of supportive, nurturing, tech-savvy and pragmatic. Sasha helped me to gain clarity when my head felt murky and to come up with a reasonable action plan of baby steps when it all felt overwhelming regarding the publishing of my book and building my parent coaching business. She is heart centered, honest and frankly, “good people”. It feels really good to know that I have Sasha with all her smarts and wisdom in my corner and she will continue to be my go to “glasses” when my vision for my biz feels blurred. Anyone that has the privilege to not only work with Sasha Mobley but even just to sit next to her for a moment is a lucky devil!
— Randi Rubenstein, Parent Coach And Author Of The Parent Gap: Tools To Keep Cool, Stay Connected And Change Unhealthy Patterns
Sasha has been a gift in my life that keeps on giving—the one major thing that stuck out to me was that she was truly the first person in my professional life to ask me to assess whether or not I was pushing myself too hard. She asks in a way that makes you pause and reflect (another one of Sasha’s gifts). I believe that most of us in tech are used to getting “atta-girls” and “atta-boys” for pulling 14-hour days and being chronically busy. Ask Sasha to share with you her scale for work health. When you hear her say “is it delicious?” you will look up from your iPhone and take that much needed deeeeeeep breeeeeath. Thank you, Sasha.
— Amanda S. — Technology Leadership Program