What Dream Have You Been Holding Back On?

Do you wonder what it would look like to see your potential in action?

Do you want to kill to your excuses for moving forward without killing yourself?

Do you want to bring your "some day" wishes into the realm of now?

Then you are in the right place.

I don't know about you but I've seen lots of people talk about wanting to accomplish great things and make big changes but stay exactly in the same place year after year. They start and then they throw up their hands because whatever it is they tried didn't work out. 

I can teach you the same skills I used to change all these things in my life.

  • Taking jobs I hated because I didn't think I could ever do something different and make a living.
  • Not writing a single thing for nearly 20 years because of so called "writer's block".
  • Never being able to manage my weight and fitness because everything I did left me feeling starved, deprived or injured (from doing some extreme routine guaranteed to turn flab to steel). 
  • Playing very small with my life and never letting my dreams go beyond what was "known" to me.
  • Believing stories like "it's too late for me", "I don't have the right skills/talents/IQ to have xyz in my life", and a bunch of other self defeating hooey.

Turning the big picture into reality is a skill set you can learn and apply immediately.

Once you have the skills down, you will have them forever.

Here is a recap of what your investment includes:

  • One on one coaching with me to set you up to succeed at what ever it is you want to accomplish (four hour long sessions in total).

  • Email and Messenger support.

  • Specific, customized tools to help ensure your success. 
  • Optional participation in a daily goals stand up. It's for people who are deeply committed to making swift progress and want the extra support of this special accountability circle.