The Ally Files: Getting Through Hard Stuff

A week or so after the election, I decided to take a day to try to relax and have some fun. The week was emotionally taxing for both of us and everyone we are close to. 

Of course I carried a cloud of worry and despair along with me. As we waited for a table at a favorite bunch spot, I ruminated over every possible negative outcome that someone with a recently granted abundance of power promised would occur. The beautiful sunny day went unnoticed as I retreated into my worry bubble. As I glanced up across the breakfast I saw Keri looking at me with concern and kindness. She knew what was going on in me. 

This is a coaching blog. One of the subjects I explore is how to get through hard things--luckily I experience them right along with everyone else.

This is what I know today. 

There has never been a perfect time in the world. Every person on the planet goes through periods of comfort and distress. Right now, that distress seems to be ramping up. 

It's human nature to ignore hard things until they are simply too uncomfortable to ignore. Then we thrash about wishing for something else to be true while simultaneously spending our energy on worry. 

But that's what we have what we have right now. What do we do with it?

As we walked down Castro, I looked around me and saw my LGBT brothers and sisters going about their business. As we browsed a bookstore a protest march with horns and signs made it's way down the street. I got a sense of having my arms linked with the humanity around me--the power of togetherness. Difficulty is nothing new to this crowd--just another opportunity to roll up our sleeves. I felt the cheer of togetherness.

As we roll into 2017, I'm reminded how important it is to not let the darkness I see in the world take root in my heart and direct my actions. Action is a remedy for anxiety for sure but action born from fear or hatred doesn't go far (and many times does more harm than good).

This article by Angus Hervey of Future Crunch shows 99 ways the world is a better place because of actions people like you and me took to improve the environment, education, human rights and even democracy.  Take a look and take heart. Then go get involved. 

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead

Love and Light in 2017! 

Your ally, 


Sasha MobleyComment