Feeling Cursed? Don't Give Up! Feeling Lucky? Don't Give Up!

Unless you were in a bunker deep underground you probably heard about the Cubs breaking a 108 year old curse last night with their World Series Win. If you check Google images you can see some fantastic photos of the look of surprise and joy on the faces of the players as the balance of the game seesawed all night--10 innings! Crazy, exciting game!

I think the Cubs are real pros. It's rough to live with the nickname "lovable loser" for 108 years and still show up to play. 

Seriously, how do you live with a curse like that?

Honestly, being "cursed" is just another way of having a negative belief rule your head. That can lead to "choking" at a critical moment, holding back or letting negativity drive your actions in some other undermining way. 

Curses come in all shapes and sizes. "I'll never get the job I want", "I wasn't meant to be happy in my love life.", "I'm destined to stay where I am--why else hasn't anything changed?" The subconscious mind picks up this messaging and looks for corroborating evidence. 

It's a big deal to break a curse--not because the powers that be finally "allowed" you to win but because action, focus and persistence won out over negative expectations--expectations from others and even from yourself. When things aren't working out it's very easy to let the power of a "curse" drive how you show up.

It's just as easy to believe you are "lucky". Feeling lucky absolutely can help you take risks and extend yourself. Unfortunately feeling lucky can also lead to feelings of being bullet proof and a kind of magical thinking that some external force is in charge of your outcome.

It's human nature to believe in circumstances having a deciding vote in what we can or can't accomplish.

Belief leads to behavior. 

It's good to believe that luck has your back. It's better to prepare and focus as if luck (good or bad) doesn't have a majority share in the outcome.

How about you? Are you laboring under a curse? What will it take to break your own unlucky streak? 



Sasha MobleyComment