I totally hate the term "Life Coach"


Why do I hate that term?

I am opposed to anything that sounds like a substitute for a person's inate intelligence, resourcefulness or maturity. 

Seriously, the sound of "Life Coach" evokes the image of someone who babysits the kind of people who otherwise would be running around with no handle on how to make their own lives work. So when I talk to people about what I do, saying "I'm a Life Coach" is linguistically at odds with my own values. 

I find people only benefit from coaching (Life or otherwise) when they want to embrace change and are willing to invest themselves in making change happen.

In order to do that, you must already have a handle on this thing called Life.

In fact, if you are looking at these pages, you most likely are already accomplished, successful, smart, creative and capable. For you, coaching (Life or otherwise) probably seems optional because things are working pretty well for you. 

And yet, here we are.

Do you ever feel that in some areas of your life, it is almost as if you are bumping up against an invisible barrier that you can't quite get through? Is there something that niggles you (it might be at home, in your professional life, your well being or some other thing that you really want) that you want to make some change in but so far haven't made much progress? 

And because you have already tried all the ways you know (and maybe even read a few dozen books on the subject) you are "just" at the point where you have given up on things being much different. Have you started to tell yourself "this is just how it is", "its not in the cards for me", "I have so much to be grateful now, this is optional" and so on?

How does it make you feel to neither make significant progress on, nor be able to let go of, that "something" that is pressing on your soul?

Your Life isn't the problem.

Also, the problem isn't with the things you "know". 

I mean, if successful weight loss was simply "knowing" that reducing your caloric intake and getting more exercise was enough to make us do those things we wouldn't have a multi-billion dollar diet industry.

Last summer I was also caught bumping my own head against an invisible barrier--I found myself stuck in a dynamic at work that kept showing up year after year no matter where I worked, how much pay I received, or vacation time I took. It was extremely destructive to say the least. This same stupid situation was like a rerun of a terrible sitcom--always showing up on repeat and negatively impacting my work life. My automatic reaction used to be to try to out run it by either finding a new role in the company I was at, distancing myself from whatever people I worked with  or finding a job at an entirely new place. 

It took me several years to realize this issue wasn't going to go away no matter where I went or who I ran away from.

Despite that realization, I didn't know how to change things on my own.

I finally raised my own white flag and called on my coach mentor (yes, coaches need coaches). I'm glad I did. With her guidance we zeroed into the thought pattern that kept showing up and undermining my efforts. It took some work, but I finally managed to resolve my 15 year-old problem and move forward. There was no magic involved--and she didn't tell me what to do--I had to do the work, show up and put things in action.

The outcome was worth the effort--I felt real peace where before I was feeling daily strife and anxiety. Also, I got some nice recognition which I can attribute to how I was showing up differently on the job.

So when I talk about the work I do, I talk about enabling already able people to go beyond limits they once believed were set in stone, ordained by fate or somehow just part of a lot in life they wouldn't choose if they could figure out how to make it different on their own.

When you go beyond one limit in your life, it has a way of bringing the rest of your life along with it (even changing the lives around you). When that happens, looking backards, what seemed like the extent of what was possible starts to look small...like how did you ever fit into such a petit container before? You might revisit the things you said about your life before and laugh or get angry, but you won't be saying them as gospel truth anymore--that's for sure.

I have time in my calendar between March 28th and April 7th to talk to five women who would like to trade bashing their head on their personal invisible ceiling for the life they wish for (but never believed could be true for them).  


You can link to my calendar right here. 



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