When Did You Know You Were A Leader?



When we are growing up there is usually an event that happens in our lives that separates us from childhood and ushers us into full adulthood--something happens and we step up on our own behalf.

I believe we go through a similar transformation when we step into our Leader selves. Can you remember when you became a Leader?

Was because of a job you were given? A promotion? Staff? An achievement? Acknowledgement?

Did Leadership start when lots of people filled a room to hear you talk? Or read books you've published? Or gave you social proof such as likes and shares?

What was it that made you a Leader?

I have only one criteria for Leadership.

You will know you are a Leader when you recognize your ability to influence and you choose words and actions because you want to make a difference for other people.

That's it.

You might think you are a leader when you are given authority and power but real Leadership generates its own power. And even with that power, Leadership is still a servant's position.

We usually don't remember captains of industry but we do remember people like Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr. or Malala.

When was your Leadership Birthday? Who are you serving?

Sasha MobleyComment