I Own All My Stories

Yesterday, an old friend sent me a note saying she read my article about the CEO who wanted to kill my ailing cat with a 6 iron. She seemed to recognize the person and place I referred to and was wondering if I was comfortable sharing.

I am more than comfortable sharing. Having said that, when I write, I don't name villains or the environments that enabled them. The point of writing these stories isn't to publicly spank anyone--karma does that for me.

If you read something I write and see yourself or someone else, oh well.

I live by this quote by Anne Lamott “You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.”

I will tell my truth from my perspective. Other people seeing themselves or thinking they see themselves in anything I put out there is purely their projection or wishful thinking--if I have something nice to say about you, I'll use your name. If not...well the guessing game is on.

Here is my point. Everyone's life is a collection of stories--the good and the bad and the embarrassing. While questioning stories is part of growth (let's not get stuck recycling things that are well past their freshness date), stories are full of wisdom and truth too. There is much to be seen in themes that emerge from the tales collected over a lifetime. Considering all the dark things that have happened over the past several weeks, stories are more critical than ever before.

I'm a story teller. You are too--share, share, share.

Sasha MobleyComment