Hey it's my Wedding Anniversary and this photo has a story

On July 15th 2008 Keri and I drove to my Mom's house because I really wanted a photo of us and our family in front of the birch tree that has been a connection to our Russian roots before we drove to SF City Hall to get married (real, legal in front of the State married!!!).

Allow me to point out my Mom who is nestled against my shoulder. Notice she isn't smiling. She is not dressed for the party. She is 100% against the public spectacle we all are making on her front lawn. This is absolutely a case of "what will the neighbors think".

When I showed up at Mom's a full month earlier with rose champagne to share Keri's and my plans to get married (and invite her to the festivities) she said she was happy for my happiness and that she would think about attending.

However, when the custom printed invitation showed up in the US Mail she was LIVID!!! YES LIVID! Because now the WORLD would know that Keri and I were going to be PUBLIC about our crazy lady marriage!

Note: we already were public. But now we were involving that sacred cow institution as well. Oh well!

If I see even one comment here saying something mean about my Mom you had better reel that shit in FAST. I love my Mom. Mom is from the old country and has the point of view that you can do what ever you want in private. But once you trot it out into the light of day you are calling attention to yourself--AND THAT ISN'T DONE.

But, you see, I wanted to call attention.

I was happy. Gloriously happy in a way that couldn't be spoiled. Happiness that comes from capital L Love. Happiness that comes from Grace. And even though I was afraid (yes, I was) to bare myself in front of my Mom (why is coming out something you do over and over and over again???) there was no way I would allow the light and perfection of this day to be hidden.

So, I was having that photo on the front lawn.

And yes, I called over the neighbor to snap it. (scandal)

My bright light of happiness to join myself to Keri in this newly available way had me all fired up. I honestly had to shout it from the roof, the front lawn, City Hall too! It was a perfect day with cake and flowers and a little man in black robes who sealed the deal.

Keri, I will do every brave thing for you. I promise to do them all with perfect joy. Thank you for the gift of being with you. Happy Anniversary.

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