Doing the Easy Thing Could be the Right Thing


Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve given over a dozen StrengthsFinder deep dives. Each time I’ve sat down with someone, by the end of the session I’ve been rewarded by words of happiness, inspiration, and sometimes even relief!

It’s a big deal to learn that the things you’ve been doing that seem so easy REALLY ARE the path to success. It’s an equally huge deal to learn that the areas you struggle in, might not be the best use of your energy in the first place.

Here is an example ripped from my career.

A little over a decade ago, I was experiencing a great deal of career turmoil. I remember having drinks with a colleague and saying to her “when I finally give up on my dreams I’ll go get that Masters in Information Technology”. 

I laughed when I said it, but inside I felt a huge sinking feeling. Despite all the things I “knew” would get me ahead in the career I was in, part of me screamed NOOOOOOOOOO!

This conversation came on the heels of attending an information session for a well-known coach training program. For whatever reason, I didn’t go for it. The naturalness and fun just felt too “easy” for me to take it seriously—like I’d be wasting my time doing something I enjoyed instead of working on something substantial like an advanced technical degree. 

(I know…the things I used to say to myself…ugh)
For years, people would come to me for insight when they needed help with decisions, relationships, or their work life.

I would NEVER give them the advice I was giving myself!

I loved coaching people (obviously, I still do). What I failed to see was that what came so naturally to me was every bit as legitimate, serious, and substantial as I perceived the MS in IT program to be. 

How strange that the things that seem difficult and frustrating get so much prestige. 

How tragic that the things that come so naturally get the short end of the stick.

Because of my confusion at the time, I did nothing. 

While I’m really glad I didn’t apply for the MS program, I seriously regret not starting on the thing that felt so natural—it took me years to get started on what was already waiting for me to take notice.

When I finally understood my own talents and invested in them, I regularly had the interesting and rewarding professional experiences that were few and far between before. I started experiencing joy in my professional life. 

Bonus-the joy in my home life was amplified as well.

The world needs more joy. The world needs our gifts. 

Last week I launched my new StrengthsFinder coaching program. It’s perfect for people who want to experience the joy of living life from their greatest strengths.

Go here to start investing in more joy!

Sasha Mobley