What Would Your Life Look Like from 10,000 ft?


When I get up in the morning, after meditation, I take time to journal and pull a few cards from my Inquiry deck (like a tarot deck, but really a collection of open-ended questions). Recently, the cards included “What needs attention?” and “How can I be more flexible?”

I have to be honest. Both cards stressed me out. The first question, “What needs attention?”, had me thinking about all the potential problems that I needed to get on immediately (first thing I looked at was my Inbox where there was a bill from my accountant).

The other card, “How can I be more flexible?”, just made me straight up mad! My mind went to everything I have going on where I’ve needed to bend over backwards to accommodate someone else’s needs. The idea that I needed to be more flexible made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough already.

I took a deep breath, pushed my obligation pile to the side and decided that now was an excellent time to take my dog for a walk in the crisp autumn air.

As Liebchen trotted by my side, I saw a hawk perched on a light post. Interesting. I noted how many hawks I’ve been seeing in the past few weeks.

What if I could look at my life from above—what do all these frantic knots of activity look like from 10,000 ft?

If all those knots of activity were mice, those would be some really confused and vulnerable mice. Neither burrowing nor gathering food—just completely unaware of the bigger picture.

From a hawk’s point of view, I think they would look like food.

In considering my current situation, it was more than a little ironic that everything that couldn't wait was getting so little attention that literally nothing was getting done. 

Except me that is. By this point I was well done.

If I were my own client, what would I say? Could it be possible that I was the thing that needed attention and flexibility right now?

I was being really cheap with myself—not just this morning but for the last several weeks. Truth be told, I was starting to feel a little frayed from trying to handle all the things I was saying yes to by coming up with more rigid, structured, means to get every last thing handled.

I was running the same game I always run when multiple seemingly important things compete for my energy and time. I try to structure and organize them into submission KNOWING that I can only sustain that for a day or two before I start feeling stabby.

What needs attention right now? How can I be more flexible?

How do I handle this energy crisis? I took immediate action.

I started by taking a nap. I then played with my dog until I was laughing so hard I was out of breath. I then invited a friend to lunch at IKEA and we told Dad jokes for nearly an hour over plates of meatballs. 

I patiently played, and napped, and laughed until my big list of to do stopped being a scary monster. Most of it stayed pushed to the side. Some of it, I got help with. Only a couple of things made their way back—but I had time for them again and now they had my full attention.

If you aren’t making your well-being a top priority, will always be borrowing against your health and happiness to cover an ever-expanding list of “priorities”.

Give YOURSELF some attention. Let those other priorities flex.

Treat yourself like you matter.

The holidays are coming. I’m serving doses of sanity. Make your appointment to get on the road to being your own greatest ally.

Sasha MobleyComment