Why I abandoned this week’s blog post

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I am opposed to doing anything that feels icky or half-baked.

I started writing a blog post about a group experience and it just felt so meh. My assistant gave me some gentle feedback that confirmed that I needed to start over.

Not because the subject was meh! It was the opposite of meh. The whole workshop felt enormously joyful and freeing to me because I saw a real shift in the room. But because of privacy issues, I can’t talk about it in any substantive fashion that didn’t seem coy, contrived, or like I was making things up.

So, let me talk about what it’s like to work with a group and see the light turn on.

What happens when a team has had a long-standing problem and you put the right tools and right understanding in their hands? They start using them right away.

What happens when people start talking up because they finally have permission to use the best parts of themselves? Gold.

What happens when problems transform into a path forward? Fireworks!

I love seeing what Strengths can do for individuals, but when the individuals start seeing each other with new eyes and start collaborating from a place of their genius—frankly, it’s what I’m here for.

StrengthsFinder unleashes pure power for teams.

For individuals, it blows the doors of potential wide open.

This can happen for you too. Learn more here.

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