A Day In My Life

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I have two jobs. I created both of them. Over a decade ago I wanted out of IT. I hated taking calls at midnight, dealing with entitled executives, and sexist condescension (I was a female IT manager in a company with a toxic, dysfunctional culture and an a-hole CEO). 

I had two ideas. One was to be a Life Coach. The other was to be a project manager.

Being a life coach seemed like a distant, pie in the sky delusion. I thought a project manager career would be a great way to use all my experience and do something that I (at the time) thought would be more about building things and getting results. 

Project management turned out to be some of that along with a healthy dose of the things I was hoping to put behind me. 

All during that time I had many ideas of how I would like my life to be--none of them were going to happen if I kept burying my head and hoping things would ever get better with my corporate career. 

Four years ago, frustrated and unhappy, I decided to take a "stay-cation" and decide what I wanted to do to change things. I hired my first life coach. After a couple sessions with her I quickly realized my old desire never went away. I decided to make the the investment of time and money to acquire coaching skills. 

The experience taught me a great deal about myself and my beliefs. In some ways things got worse because I could see the promised land but I was still working a day job. Learning how to run my own business, work with clients, get paid and develop my own body of work has been the growth experience of my life. 

I wanted to give you a little insight into what I've done and what I do to bring my dream to life. 

In the space of the last 4 years I completed my training and certification. I learned some complimentary skills. I wrote two books. I've maintained a blog and a newsletter. I recently started a podcast. I've developed and given classes online and in person. I've reached out to every human being I've know through my professional and personal network. I coach at night and write in the morning. I even offer my skills at my day gig. 

I've written before that following your dreams is not the easy way in life--in many ways it makes it harder. Not everyone is going to be on board with you pursuing your most cherished goals--along with kind words of encouragement come responses that range from puzzlement to derision to indifference (indifference is the worst, hands down). 

Starting out I allowed myself to get sidelined by a ton of unproductive thinking. I think the first task any life coach takes on is to deal with their own thoughts and baggage. There is no bundle of skills you can learn that will allow you to leap past the dragons that live between your own ears. Many dragons had to be slain outright. Fear, negativity and self doubt were constantly talking to me telling me what a dumb idea this is. 

I worked at peeling away my own mental and emotional layers. I changed my daily focus. I ruthlessly eliminated activities and interactions that drained my energy. I had to sleep more (a lot more). 

I had a lot to learn about how I would get in my own way.

Somedays I don't do so well. Some days I'm tired and disheartened. Some days, the horrible voices of self doubt and fear get to me. Some days, I just curl up and hide. 

I'm happy to say I have many fewer of these days than I did before.

Now, I get up everyday and make a sincere vow to myself that I will show up for my vision. I then I humbly ask the Universe to allow me to use my skills and talents to be of service. I then promise to ask for help. I then do what needs to be done.

I have to admit I can't keep this up forever. There will come a day when I have to give up. Quitting is in my future. I can't be every where at once if I want to have the life I want.

When that point comes I will just give up...my day job. 

Do you have any dreams you are sidelining? Want some help?  I know someone.




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