When a Simple Change Makes all the Difference

Before the holidays, our neighbor came over for tea and brought us this lovely orchid. I love orchids but receiving them always twists my heart because once the flowers drop, the orchid usually dies on me. 

As expected, after a few weeks the flowers all fell and the leaves started to look sad. I felt bad because I truly love these gorgeous flowers and have always wanted a home filled with them. Still, I could never master reblooming them and fussing over them always seems to make it worse.

My mother, on the other hand, has no problem with getting her orchids to rebloom. She does nothing to them. She has one over the kitchen sink that she's had for at least a decade that yields a few new flowers every year. 

I took the photo you see here of my neighbor's give orchid just a couple days ago. Despite dropping flowers (and my planning a funeral for it) the orchid rebloomed!

The only change I made was moving the orchid. I moved it to a table where filtered light comes in from our picture window. 

In the past I lived in apartments that either had harsh bright light coming in or were located where I couldn't put an orchid. I'd buy orchids with high hopes only to have them die. I'd give them orchid food, clean the leaves--anything to try to get them to survive. Nothing ever worked.

Once I moved out of those places, I forgot my window situation also changed--I was oblivious to this simple change. Because I failed to make that mental shift, I kept myself separate from the possibility of beautiful orchids. 

The most ridiculous part of this was that I genuinely believed my lack of success with my orchids had something to do with me. That I wasn't an "orchid person". I even got yelled at by an orchid grower because I didn't know how to make my orchids rebloom--he after all was an "orchid person".

How often do we separate ourselves from what we want because we truly, TRULY believe that it isn't fated for us or we aren't "that kind" of person?

Too often. 

I don't really recall what prompted me to try putting my orchid in front of the window other than I think I heard someone say something about orchids liking filtered light. I then had to think really hard about why I wasn't putting my orchid there. It was the perfect place.

And now orchids are possible.

Here's a challenge. Look at something you really wish you could have, do or be but haven't really given yourself a chance  (or you've given up) because you believe you (specifically you) just can't have, do or be it. Pretend that belief isn't true and try something you've never tried before to get what you want--maybe something you thought was off limits to you. Break a rule and see what happens.

Let me know how your experiment turns out. I'd love to hear!


Sasha MobleyComment