What I've Been Up To (It Hasn't Been Blogging)


I haven't written a blog in weeks. There is a reason for that--a wonderful reason, but kind of mundane as well.

I had to choose between writing my blog and serving my clients.

StrengthsFinder® work and executive coaching have filled up the time I usually spend thinking about what to write next. A full week goes by, and I still haven't created new content. I'm fine with this.

I'm fine with it because I get to see my clients make the changes that eluded them before.

It's so much easier to get results when you are using your native talents and strengths. You stop wasting time and energy. You start growing in exponential ways. 

What I love most is how my clients start to think bigger and I can see that they believe in the shift in their perspective. The path becomes clear. 

Also, the creative cycles I am engaged in went into crafting a short book that I'm offering free to you. It's a brief memoir about my personal StrengthsFinder® journey--how I started and how it guided me to where I am today. It's titled Guided By Strengths and it describes the process I went through from merely knowing my talents to actively developing and putting them into service intentionally. Knowing how to aim your strengths is different than just having the information--the information alone isn't enough.

I will start publishing regularly again but for now I ask for your patience. In the meantime, I hope you grab your own free copy of Guided by Strengths. You can download it here.

Sasha Mobley2 Comments