Radical Writing Workshop, November 2015

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From the moment I walked into Sasha’s comfortable home, I felt welcome and pretty damn special. It was clear that she had poured enormous amounts of loving attention into every aspect of the day: from the excellent coffee and gorgeous food to the carefully folded throw blankets and curated pen supply, Sasha had clearly created a robust container to support our writing exploration. Lucky us!!! Consequently, I enjoyed the rare gift of focusing on the process of writing. In an abnormally relaxed way, I got to feel into what wanted to be written, following Sasha’s teaching to be “pulled by the gut.” So, if you want to learn more about your own writing from a brave soul who walks her talk, please treat yourself to Sasha’s workshop! You’ll get soul nourishment, collegial support, strong leadership, and priceless learning.
— Julie Lamonica http://JulieLamonica.com/
Sasha facilitates a creative experience that nourishes the mind, body + spirit. From her beautiful, intentional indoor + outdoor meditative areas that allow for energetic ease and renewal, to her gourmet dishes, you will feel cared for in an environment that allows you to stretch to new depths. Sasha will support you with a wise + compassionate coaching style accompanied by the insights of her own written word brilliance and process, as you meet your greater truth in writing.
— Christine Erickson