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Client Success Stories

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  • Sarah discovered she was aiming too low in her career. She began marketing herself using examples of her strengths, and was able to make headway in a field she previously thought she was excluded from.
  • Lynn was searching for ways to work that would benefit a wider group of people. Instead of looking at how others were doing it, we created a growth model that put her analytical mind to work and on a path to increasing her impact 10x.
  • Terry was struggling with communications to an executive audience. She engaged her curiosity and learned about the priorities and underlying needs of the executive staff and then created the kind of messaging that her audience could hear and absorb.
  • Christina stepped into a leadership role over her former peers and was quickly able to win over her new reports using her relationship talents and ability to drive team excellence.
  • Beverly started investing the passions she had back-burnered until she learned how perfectly her passions aligned with her natural talents. Now everything in her life is different!

I have many more stories like this, where a client struggled when applying conventional wisdom or someone else’s success model. As sensible as that seems, it had them going in circles and not making progress—the potential outcomes ranged from low/no growth to failure to thrive. 


It's Not Lack of Achievement or Motivation

What my clients gain from our work is a clear path to best outcomes—more success, energy, and overall happiness. 

  • Struggle is replaced with flow and meaningful challenge.
  • Boredom is replaced with fascination.
  • Confusion is replaced with clarity.

What Clients Have to Say

Meeting Sasha felt absolutely serendipitous. During our very first conversation, she recognized limits I was setting for myself and called it out in a way that I really needed to hear at that moment. Her keen intuition enabled her to easily cut through the fog I had been living in for months.

I really cherish the follow up conversation I had with her, as she offered me real, tangible, and actionable steps I could take to bring energy back to the vision I had for myself. The vision I had nearly given up on. Her advice was equally practical and inspired. Sasha’s genuine compassion shows in all that she does and I feel grateful to know her.
— Jenni G., Environmentalist and Change Maker
Sasha’s positivity and natural ability to listen and observe allowed me space to see things in a completely different way. She guided me in many different situations where I was stuck and very frustrated. Her gentle coaxing surprised me over and over, turning a light on that I didn’t even know was there.

Many times I felt physical relief wave over me as I let something I had held so tightly just flow away from me. She is extremely respectful of the sacred nature of trust necessary to be coached.
— Lisa DeWilde — Artist (
Getting coached by Sasha has been really powerful in both my personal and professional lives.

Her ability to quickly zoom into areas I needed to explore more is uncanny. She gave me space to draw my own conclusions and gracefully made observations that continued to allow me to understand and grow in my own thoughts.

The amount of progress I’ve made in such a short amount of time is stunning – she’s one of a kind!
— Rachel G. — Educator and Course Development Expert

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