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 Sasha Mobley, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach


I took StrengthsFinder in 2009. I was exhilarated to see that many personal strengths I suspected about myself were true. Unfortunately, I didn’t take action on them because I didn't have anyone help me make the connection between the assessment results and HOW I could put them into practice. How was I suppose to improve my life and work? How could I chart a new course?

Once I was able to do that, my life changed dramatically.

Now that I’m a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach I KNOW how to help people connect to, and appreciate, their strengths.

Most importantly, the people who work with me Put Those Strengths Into Positive Action!


Examples of How Life Changes With a Strengths-Based Approach

  • Leverage your strengths to get results, even if it looks like the goals you strive for are outside of your talents.
  • Make powerful partnerships with others in order to maximize the talents of BOTH of you.
  • Put yourself on a path to develop and be the best version of who you are (this is your true genius).
  • Stop struggling, surrender the uphill battles for correcting things outside your Zone of Genius.
  • Start planning a life that plays to your talents and strength! 

When you live and work from your strengths, life starts to make sense and stops feeling so damn hard!


In short, your result is more happiness, flow, and success!

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