Ways We Can Work Together


Alignment or Exit—Career Strategy Coaching

A line has been crossed with you at work and you know it. It could be that your career goals, values, strengths, or work style don’t line up with your workplace. You know things have to change but you don’t know how to make those changes without major disruption or losing everything you’ve worked for. No matter how sharp, capable, accomplished, or clever you are, you need someone on your side who understands the stakes. I’ve been there. I can help you.


Change the Game

You are inundated with a lot of “sensible” ideas for your career—degrees and certifications that all seem to be the royal road to success. Or you try on the “secret methods” espoused by today’s movers and shakers (pre-dawn ice baths anyone?) The problem is, none of these, ideas, methods, and best practices have anything to do with you, your talents, or your vision for yourself.

Change the Game will put you in touch with your zone of genius, steer you towards a life that comes from your greatest strengths, and enables you to go for the juicier, riskier, more exciting, more YOU options you never let yourself consider before.

I invite you to Change the Game.


Honesty Weekend

A full three days of sanctuary in a space free of distractions and expectations. Be seen, heard, rejuvenated, and relieved from whatever has been weighing on you most. Private, custom retreat by appointment—two openings a year.