There isn't an author living or dead who hasn't dealt with the debilitating effects of Writer's Block.

You have a great idea but when it comes time to put down the first sentence all your words are gone. Or you try putting down a few words and decide they are horrible so you erase them and start over. Or before you even put a single word down you decide your ideas are all horrible so you you should just take up sewing (or that you should polish all your copper pans, or go buy some copper pans). The list goes on and on!

Ugh...I get it. I dealt with Writer's Block for over 20 years. No stories, no articles, no progress. 

No matter what anyone says, Writer's Block is not laziness or a character defect--it is a very real part of the creative process. However, unless it is dealt with, your novel, your blog, your research paper, or your article to the New York Times etc. won't get written. 

If you want to write but find Writer's Block is separating you from bringing your writing to life, I can help

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